SurveyWerx Pty Ltd., is a privately-owned ethical organisation focused and centred on customer outcomes as we mitigate the potential risks of damage to the asset owner’s infrastructure and the community at large. We do this by gathering and distributing critical information as to the nature of underground assets.

  • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

  • Innovation that makes a difference and advances the industry

  • Dedication to our client’s success

Discovering and producing quality information so that every customer who uses our services enjoys clarity and peace of mind.

We strive to deliver a quality and consistent experience at competitive rates.


All our locators are Certified Locators accredited through DBYD. SurveyWerx Pty Ltd. is an accredited Plant Locator by Telstra and Optus. All the equipment and tools we use are internationally recognised brands.


Our organisational culture ensures that each one of us is provided with the tools and techniques to support a healthy and prosperous life.

At SurveyWerx we all enjoy our active involvement in contribution to growing the underground asset protection sector by being dedicated to developing continuous improvement systems.


The management and ownership structure ensure both safety and accountability while providing incentives for personal and professional development within the organisational structure.


We have a small and very focused leadership team with thirty years’ experience in the asset protection field of expertise.



we are concise and articulate in speech and writing


we identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms


we demonstrate consistently strong and reliable performance


we contribute effectively outside of your specialty


we co re‐conceptualise to discover practical solutions to problems


we inspire others with our thirst for excellence


we question actions inconsistent with our values


we are quick to admit mistakes and learn from them


we make time to help colleagues and share information openly


All the processes that we apply to our work are proven procedures, delivered with personal pride and discipline. Each step is always carried out within the current DBYD “Best Practices Guide” to Preventing Damage to Underground Services. These include the Duty of Care, the 5P’s and continuous improvement through training and further information.

We only use the latest technological standards, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and all calibration certificates are kept current. The three principal processes are electronic location of horizontal and vertical location, ground penetrating radar and mapping software to generate the final reports. All the intelligence reports that SurveyWerx create, fall within the current Australian Standards AS 5488 quality levels.


SurveyWerx is compliant with...

100% Australian Privately Owned

SurveyWerx Pty Ltd. is the essential first step for any individual or organisation that is planning to carry out any excavations.

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